( Create your Gallery )

My Account >  My Galleries > Add New Gallery >  

Edit Gallery Option

Title [  Create your Title Name ] >  Public Access > Update Gallery Option.

Check your Galleries by going to :

My Account >  My Galleries

Galleries need to approved and turn on the first time for public access. 

Photos are not showing for public before approval.





(Upload Pictures )             ( 30 images max per members )

Manage Galleries

My Account >  My Galleries > [ Edit and Upload Images ] 

Images in this Gallery

Upload Image into this Gallery

Upload Images

Select >  [ go to your selected photo ] > select/click selected photo 

> Upload > wait for Select photo to turn green 

> Save image and Proceed to Edit Page


Edit New Image

Title: [ give a title name to your photo ] 

> Save any change and return to the original page

Check your Image by going to :

My Account >  My Galleries > Tiled Image .



uploaded images to [ General Gallery ]


1. Select My Account and then My Galleries.

2. If you have created your gallery, skip to the next step.  Otherwise, click on "Add New Gallery".  Then, enter the name and scroll to the bottom of the form to accept it.

3. Scroll down until you see the gallery you have created and want to upload to and then click on Edit and Upload Images

(picture below is an example)

4. Click on Upload Images into this Gallery

5. Click on Select

6. Select a picture from your computer.  File must be .JPG.

7. Wait until the selected picture has completed upload.  When upload has completed, the bullet will turn green.

8. Click on Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page

9. Scroll down and then select Save any additional images and continue to Edit page

10. Edit the title and enter a title for your photo.

11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save any changes and return to the original page.

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